How to choose a suitable memory pillow


Guide: Memory pillows are becoming more and more common. Due to their advantages of slow rebound, decompression, neck protection, and ventilation, they have become the first choice for many people when buying pillows. However, many memory pillows currently on the market do not meet the quality standards. How can I choose a high-quality memory pillow suitable for me?

How to choose a suitable memory pillow? 4 ways to choose memory pillows

Three, density

The density of the pillow is one of the basic indicators of high-grade slow rebound materials. High-density memory pillows are not necessarily of good quality, but high-end memory pillows must have higher density. The density of really good memory materials is above 150 kg/m3. The density of ordinary memory foam is usually only about 40-50 kg/m3. Therefore, when choosing a memory pillow, you must understand the density of the pillow, which will directly affect the comfort of the pillow.

Fourth, feel

The core of a good-quality memory pillow, squeezed with your hands, feels very delicate and soft. However, inferior memory pillows have a rough or even sticky touch to the touch. When buying a memory pillow, touch it with your hand and you will see the result immediately.

Many friends would recommend the "smell" method, but the editor doesn't particularly agree, because the new memory pillow, whether it is high-quality or inferior, has a certain taste, so it is not good to judge. The above four judgment methods are still relatively straightforward , I hope to give you some reference.